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Saint Vincent De Paul Montessori And Science


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St. Vincent De Paul Montessori And Science High School
Lagumbay Road, Lumban, Laguna

St. Vincent de paul, Patron of Charitable Societies, was born of a poor family at Pouy,France on September 27,1581. At 20, after finishing his studies at the University of Toulose. He was ordaines priest.

The name St. Vincent De Paul is a synonym for charity and love of neighbor. He is a saint responsible for the formation of many religious orders, both men and women,but especially of the latter; and these orders have carried forth the work organized by Monsieur Vincent among God's poor.

Vincent De Paul grew up tending sheep in an ordinary home in France, but is clear from his life's work that he had nothing of the ordinary about his character and soul. He had no very great talent but he was so faithful to his studies and his duties. He also spent a comfortable life chaplain of an aristocratic family in Paris. Then in 1617, while hearing the confessio of a sick framer, he realized the terrible spritual conditions of the peasant in France. From that moment he determined to offer his life for the care of the poor and the formation of the priest. He also worked in mission and gave retreats. These were his means of getting the teachings of Christ and of the Church accross the people, to those who had no schooling at all and many who knew nothing about Catholic Church. The same year, he left Paris and became parish priest of the remote village of Chatillon-Les Dombes.

In 1626, Vincent founded the Congregation of the Mission, whose members were dedicated to missions and to the direction of seminaries. He also established the Confraternities of Charity to attend to the spritual and material needs of the poor in the parishes. For that purpose he invoked the assistance of the wealthy women of Paris. Whom he called Ladies of Charity. In 1633, with the help of St. Louise de Marillac, Vincent Founded the Sisters of Charity. He said to them,"it is our duty to prefer the service of the poor to everything else. If a needy person reqiures medicines or other elp diring prayer time, 
do whatever has to be done with peace of mind offer the deed to God as your prayer."

St. Vincent was poor but before he died, he had spent millions of dollars in charity. How did he finance his mighty projects? Let us follow him in typical case, the foundlings. He went to the King, Whom he persuaded to donate forty thousand dollars. Contributions fron the nobilty raised it two hundred thousand. The queen and ladies matched this dollars. But this was not enough for the gigantic undertaking. He went back to the court and the queen sold her jewels. Then he introduce all the means that are employed even today.He canvassed regularly for permanent donations from bishops, priest, lords, merchants, farmers, and artisans. He organized collections from house o house and at the doors of the churches. He filled France with little donation boxes whict he placed in hotels, restaurant and banks. He printed and dessiminated the stories of the horrors of wars, in order to raise subscriptions for charity.

With he Apostle Paul, Saint Vincent knew that it would be of no gain to him to give all he possessed to the poor if he did not have the love of God firmly and entirely within his heart. What an example to know that a little country boy like Vincent could do so much for God! What an incentive for us to know that the love of God can do as much for every one of us who will know Him and serve Him, earnestlyand faithfully,generously and without of self. He died in Paris in 1660.

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