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Saint Vincent De Paul Montessori And Science

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 St. Vincent De Paul Montesorri School Hym


Our's are spirit high

With the vision of setting selves aside

Our heart, glowing and gleaming like a fire

To the hope of the future bright


Altogether we will stand

Life a firm foundation for the land

That tomorrow we, all we get to see

Our world in prosperity.


St.Vincent De Paul, lead us on

To the Father, Spirit and the Son

By the virtue that you teach us we are one

That for love of Gpod must never be gone


We pour out out hearts to you

It's a task that is great and noble, too

Hand in hand we know

As you guide we go

Ever, Faithful, St. Vincent

We are thankful St. Vincent

We will triumph, with honor, progress and all.


Laguna March
Laguna, Oh Laguna lalawigang marangal

Tanging pinagpala ng butihing Bathala

Supling mo ang pinili na bayani ng lahi

Kapurihan at dangal ng liping kayumanggi


Laguna ang iyong pangalan

Sagisag ng kagitingan

Sa lawa mo't kaparangan

Mga bayani'y nahimlay

Kadluan ng mithi't pangarap

Ang bukirin, bundok mo't gubat

Ikaw Laguna ang buhay at aming patnubay

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